My 10-Piece Capsule Summer Wardrobe 2016

My 10-Piece Capsule Summer Wardrobe 2016

I’m back with this week’s YouTube upload, and it’s all about my 10 piece capsule Summer wardrobe, and how easy it is to build a good summer wardrobe of basic pieces you can wear over and over. Hoping you enjoy!

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  1. Lex MG
    July 6, 2016 / 17:48

    Good Lord you’re as pretty as Fabiana Justus ! But i like your style better. Plus i don’t speak her language. I’m one of your subscribers on you-tube. Yes i gave it a thumbs up. If i had a smartphone i’d definitely check you out on snapchat. You and Rebecca O’Byrne both, the two most beautiful irish bloggers. The reason i don’t have a smartphone is that i don’t need one, as i rarely leave home due to my having become an agoraphobe. I’ve decided to leave my comments on your blog rather than on you-tube. This way you can erase them if you don’t like them, and i won’t feel out of place among all your female you-tube commentators and the sorts of things they write. I’ve actually been following you since march 2013, but sometimes i fall behind. I’m up to date on you-tube of course but i see that i need to catch up on your blog posts. i just need to go backwards to january 16 2016. Have a lovely day or evening.

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