Wardrobe Edit Series: The Classic Wallet

Wardrobe Edit Series: The Classic Wallet

In my last Wardrobe Edit series I talked about ditching my wallet for a compact card-holder, but I promised I would be back with a special feature for those of you who simply can’t downsize, so here is my edit of the best wallets and purses out there. I’ve broken them up into three categories, small wallets (my personal fave!) wallets under €300, and luxury wallets, over €300.

For me, the temptation is always there to pick up a cheap wallet from a high-street retailer, and use it for a few months until it wears, then before tossing it and buying another one. But when I look at how long my current Michael Kors jet-set purse lasted me (which I didn’t even spend that much on!), and how good it still looks after almost two years, it makes sense to invest a bit extra for something you use SO frequently.

Wallets and purses are also a great way of owning a designer piece without the big investment, so whether you’ve always dreamed of owning a slice of Saint Laurent or a piece of Prada, your purse is a great place to start your designer journey. My favourites have to be this Chloe Drew Wallet (I love the gold details!) this Givienchy Pandora Wallet, and this Marc Jacobs zip around purse.

If you’re looking for an investment wallet but still don’t want to spend a fortune, I also found a few other Michael Kors styles online, which seems to be the best value-designer, considering the brands quality. This leopard print purse is fab, I also love this black one, this print one, this tan one and this textured leather one.

Browse and shop my full edit in the widget below simply by clicking the arrow icons at the sides, and hover your mouse over the image to see the price.

Small wallets

Wallets under €300

Luxury Wallets (over €300)

I’d love to know which of these is your favourite, would you invest? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Shopping,

Ciara x

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