AW PREP: What I’ve added to my wardrobe

AW PREP: What I’ve added to my wardrobe

Shearling biker jacket | Baker boy cap | Adidas Originals | Black ankle boots | Khaki ankle boots

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m starting to feel the chill the past few days. Walking home I’m happy to have that extra layer, and I’m clutching my warm mug of coffee in the mornings that bit tighter now. As the new season arrives, so too does the excitement about updating your wardrobe. Since my huge wardrobe clearout  last year, I’ve been super picky about the pieces I introduce into my wardrobe. It’s not about the brand-name or the price-tag, for me it’s more about choosing pieces that will fit in seamlessly with my existing wardrobe and that will get worn again and again, rather than cast to the back of my closet after a few outings.

So far this season, I’ve carefully chosen some pieces from lots of different stores, and here is a breakdown of what I’ve picked up so far:

Starting with footwear, I chose a pair of comfy, suede-effect over the knee boots (see how I styled them here) a pair of cute black heeled ankle boots (surprisingly comfy) a pair of Adidas Originals (they go with everything) and I’ve also re-purchased my staple ankle boot from last year: these pointed ankle boots from ASOS. I would have happily bought the black again, but this khaki colour is a welcome trend-update.

Last winter was awash with maxi coats and trenches, and although I loved the longer style, I found them too warm for our often mild winters. So this year I’ve opted for a shorter length in my winter coat, I loved the bulkiness of this shearling biker style, which I also nabbed on sale for €60. I cant wait to snuggle into it when the weather does get cold. I also picked up this lighter biker jacket in mustard (my favourite shade this season) which I’ve been living in while the weather still allows. It’s so soft!

Another style that I’ve been adding to my wardrobe this season is the jumper dress, in both bodycon and loose fits. I’ve seen some in H&M and Penneys that were just too cute to pass up. As for hats, I’ve decided to forgo adding yet another fedora to my closet, and opted for a cute baker boy cap instead. It feels very Alexa Chung, here’s hoping I can pull it off as well as she does! On the bag-front, it looks like i’ll be switching between the grey and tan shades of my trusty Chloe “Faye” dupe for the foreseeable future, I still haven’t found a bag I like better. For under €35, it’s definitely an AW must-buy.

You can shop all my recent AW additions in the handy widget below, just hover over the picture to see the brand, and click to be taken directly to the store, for prices and more info.

 [thefeedproducts style=’two’]

I’ll be styling these bits up into some fun outfits soon, so stay tuned for some AW style diaries coming your way!

Happy Shopping,

Ciara x


  1. Julianne
    September 18, 2015 / 14:32

    Hi Ciara,

    The link for the Baker Boy Hat isn’t working, just wondering where did you buy it?


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