Basics Wishlist: Gucci Horsbit Loafer | The Designer and the Dupe

Basics Wishlist: Gucci Horsbit Loafer | The Designer and the Dupe

All images sourced from Pinterest

I’ve always loved the look of a dainty, delicate flat shoe, but the truth is I’d rather something that little bit sturdier for my day-to-day running around. I’ve been lusting after the Gucci loafer for quite some time now, they’re one of the few shoe styles have actually reached iconic status in the fashion world, the same exact style has been around for 60+ years now, can you believe it?

After trying on a pair in their store in Paris, I’m convinced that this is my next footwear investment. Yes they cost a pretty penny, but good leather like this lasts years and years, and once you break them in they’ll be soft as butter on your feet. Plus, they look good with just about any outfit: from jeans to smart chinos for work, and even skirts and shorts in the summertime.

The investment:

– Gucci Jordaan leather horsebit loafer –

My favourite has to be the narrower Jordaan style in black (linked above) but I also love the Brixton Style which can be folded at the heel to make a mule, pretty nifty right? There are lots of other colour options and styles available, see some of my favourites below:

More affordable options:

Below I have linked some more affordable options, that still use high quality leather and materials. Tod’s loafers in particular are supposed to be incredibly comfortable, and perfect as a driving shoe.

The Dupe:

-The Gucci fur-lined loafers were certainly the it-shoe of 2015, and they’re still near impossible to get your hands on. I found a dupe of them online so you needed break the bank. I hope you enjoyed this little basics wishlist post, I’ll be back with another one next week! Also, If you’re wondering why I’ve been putting mor emphasis on investment purchases this year, then feel free to read my 2016 Wardrobe Detox post which explains it a bit more.

Happy Shopping,

Ciara x


  1. sarah
    October 5, 2016 / 04:29

    i love you style and your youtube channel so much. put i was so disappointed that the first thing i saw on this post was that you credited all of the images you used to pinterest. i’m sorry but that’s just plain lazy and unprofessional. you’re using someone else’s work to make money without taking the time to give credit where credit is due. i mean at least make a little effort. crediting pinterest is pointless. you might as well credit the internet.

    • ciara
      October 5, 2016 / 08:14

      Hi Sarah! You’re right, I realised it was unfair, and I stopped doing these types of posts as I didn’t feel comfortable using the images from pinterest as I couldn’t credit the owners properly. This was back in March, and I think this was one of the last posts like this I ever published.

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