My 5-Piece Birthday Wishlist

My 5-Piece Birthday Wishlist

In case none of you knew it yet, I’m a summer baby! My birthday falls on July 7th (mark those calendars, people!) and as per usual I like to share my own little wish-list here on the blog. This list is, like every year, a completely personal one. I’ve never expected anyone to buy me the things I want in life, and I always aim to provide for myself (que Destiny’s Child music) so this is simply a fun way of sharing the few  things I’m really lusting after, and hopefully together we can decide which of these I will actually bite the bullet with, and buy for myself come July. Now granted, I wont be able to pick up all of these pieces, but I’ll plea the case for each and every one, for good measure!


GoPro Hero 4 camera

Most of you know just how much fun I’ve been having with my YouTube channel recently, and I’ve been especially enjoying putting together travel-based videos. My Olympus Pen is such a great camera for video (check out my full review here) but I’ve been lusting after a proper action camera like the GoPro Hero 4 that I can use to catch those fast-paced, adventure activities that I often find myself thrown into on trips! Probably the most practical item on this list, I always feel camera equipment is not only super-fun to make memories with, but I also see it as an investment back into my own blog and business.


Saint Laurent Monogram “Blogger” Bag

The not-so-practical, and probably the most expensive item on this list is the recently launched and aptly-coined “Blogger” bag from YSL that I’ve had my eye on for about six months now. Never one to rush into a designer purchase, I’ve been stalking this bag online for the longest time, and given that it’s been well over six months since I invested in my trusty Louis Vuitton back in December, I think it’s high-time to add another investment bag to my collection. In terms of pricing, it’s actually a good entry-level cost for Saint Laurent, and I can confirm that it’s also being sold for the cheapest price here. Trust me, I checked everywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 13.08.06

 – Herschel Supply Co. Trade Suitcase

I’ve really kicked up my travel game this year, and with some more fun trips coming up still (more info on that soon!) I’m dying to invest a little more in my luggage, particularly a in a good carry-on suitcase for shorter trips. This Herschel Supply Co Trade Suitcase would be the perfect luggage upgrade, I would love to pull a “Blonde Salad” and start to cover it in bumper stickers from all my trips.


Celine “New Audrey” Sunglasses

A pair of classic sunglass are another item that I added to my 2016 wardrobe detox shopping list back in January, but they haven’t quite made it into my wardrobe just yet. We’ll there’s really no time like the Summer to pick up a pair, am I right? I’ve been humming and hawwing over which exact Celine style to invest in, and I’ve been leaning towards the “New Audrey” style because of it’s more dramatic, slightly squared shape. What do you think?


Gucci Jordaan Loafers

Again, another item that I’ve mentioned multiple times here on the blog, but have not invested in yet are these simple but oh-so-chic Gucci loafers. Partially because the Jordaan style I want is sold out everywhere, and partially because I’ve never spend that much on a shoe before, but I’m determined to take the plunge soon…if not now, then definitely come Autumn/Winter! If you’re interested in these, be sure to check out my Basics Wishlist post dedicated to them, as I’ve also managed to find some incredible dupes for them online too. You’re welcome!

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