When I’m not blogging here, the best way to stay up-to-date on my adventures and outfits is on my Instagram. Some of you might also have noticed that I use a program called LikeToKNOWit, which is a handy little shopping program that allows you to find out exactly what I’m wearing, and get all the links to the items straight to your inbox in seconds. It really is the handiest thing ever! Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to, by entering you email address on the website (it’s free!)
  2. Look for posts with LikeToKNOWit link like this:
  3. Double-tap!
  4. Receive an email to your inbox, including clickable links to each product, so you can view prices, sizes, and shop if you like.

Still not convinced? Then take this example. You know how I’m always sharing my favourite online bargains and designer dupes on my Instagram page? Well a lot of those products are from asian websites that can be confusing to navigate if not familiar with them. Say I am wearing a cute pair of Valentino dupes that I tell you are from Romwe, you might still have to spend ages tracking that exact pair down on the website. Also, if you comment me asking where something is from, and I’m not on my phone at that time (which often happens) you could be waiting hours for a reply, which is not fun.

This little shopping service saves you time, and it also earns me a very small amount of commission if you buy something through my link. I put so much time and effort into finding unique pieces and great bargains to share with you all, and this way I can benefit a little bit from all the work I put in to find you things like these:

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Shop my current favourites from my wardrobe, all in one place!

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