#CODFitness Update: Gym memberships, Summer-prep, Life Style Sports Event.

#CODFitness Update: Gym memberships, Summer-prep, Life Style Sports Event.

So the last time I check in with you guys on all things fitness, I had just joined my local gym, and was attempting to work a morning gym session into my routine before I started my day. I am delighted to report that so far it’s been going really well, and I’ve been getting a morning workout in 3-5 times each week since I joined. It’s so close to my house which makes it incredibly convenient, but the staff are also so friendly and helpful, so I’ve been loving it.

In terms of progress, I haven’t actually weighed or measured myself just yet, but I am booking in for another assessment with one of the trainers in Herberton, as it’s been over 6 weeks sine I started there now. We’ll be assessing my progress and putting together a new plan for the coming weeks, and with summer so close now, I really want to put in that extra effort. My aim is to go 5 times a week, which might sound a bit extreme, but it’s quickly become my favourite way to start a working day, so why not do it everyday, right?

In my last fitness post I shared my top 5 tips for beginners, and I think I’ll start to move into more detailed and informative posts on the exact workouts I do, my daily diet, and what fitness bits I’ve picked up so far (there’s been a lot!) but for now I just wanted to give you a general update on how I’m getting on, in case you don’t follow me on social media.

IMG_0990 (1)

Last week I attended the launch of the newly-revamped Life Style Sports store in Galway city, which as you all know is my hometown. I was delighted to be asked to attend along with my blogging buddies Nuala and Holly, and we spent the evening drooling over all the gorgeous fitness gear and catching up over nibbles, it was such a fun night!

There is such a great selection of fitness gear in Life Style Sports, but here are some pieces that really caught my attention on the night:


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Stay tuned for my next fitness update coming very soon!

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