Confessions of an extension addict: How I take care of my eyelashes

Confessions of an extension addict: How I take care of my eyelashes

Eyelashes are my thing.


Eyelash activating serum available from M2 BEAUTÉ

….I’ve never had hair extensions, I don’t have acrylic or gel nails, but I am a self-confessed eyelash extension addict.

When I feel like my lashes are on point, I barely feel the need for more makeup. One of the most common questions I get from you guys on social media is about my eyelash extensions, where I get them done, how much do they cost, and the most frequently asked: do they damage your lashes? I have been steadily using lash extensions for about 18 months now, having only taken just one short break from them during that whole period, until now.

Just to clarify, eyelash extensions don’t destroy your lashes. When done right (by the right salon) they don’t make your lashes fall out or shed in any way, so don’t worry. But if you do use lash extensions for a long period of time (like me) you will notice your natural lashes will weaken underneath. This is a natural effect after wearing lash extensions for a longer period. Its the same effect if you wear false lashes all the time. So when my eyelash technician reminded me that it was time to take another break (usually for about 6-8 weeks) I figured it was about time I brought in the big guns, and used something substantial on them during that rest period to get them as strong as possible during that break.

So I decided to work with the luxury beauty brand M2 BEAUTÉ, who are hailed as creating the Holy Grail of lash and brow renewing serums. I was intrigued, to say the least.

This comes in a tube and has a liquid-gel consistency, and you apply it on the base of your lashes (sort of like a liquid eyeliner) every night. I tried to apply it generously to get as much bang-for-my-buck as possible, but I would recommend being careful not to get the product in your actual eye, as it can irritate it, just a little. Every time I applied it I did feel a little tingling feeling on the base of my lash line, which in a weird way made me feel assured that the product was getting to work. I usually applied the product before bed (as recommended) which was quite nice as it felt like another step in my nighttime pamper routine. But if on occasion I did forget, I would apply it in the morning and try to leave it for as long as possible without washing it off or applying mascara. I repeated this process roughly everyday (with a few minor forgetful gaps here and there) and behold, the results:


Can I just remind you that these are natural eyelashes that, up until my break, had had extensions on them consistently for an extremely long time.When the extensions were first removed my natural lashes were very light in colour, with no curl, and were thin and weak-looking. Granted, I still had the same amount of eyelashes, but they were just weaker having been covered up for so long. After 6 weeks of using the eyelash activating serum on them regularly, I’ve seen them lift thicken, darken, and even elongate over that period, and now they feel just as strong as they were before I even started getting extensions, which I am so delighted about.

The trick behind it is that the serum contains active ingredients which stimulates the roots of the lashes, bringing about a longer growth phase while also creating fuller, stronger lashes. I know people often say that coconut oil helps lash growth and I’ve even tried it myself, but this stuff is much stronger, trust me!


This lash serum is an investment at €125 for a course, so It’s not to be taken lightly. After using it myself, what I would recommend it for is someone who, like me, had lashes that needed a boost. If you already have long, healthy lashes, then this treatment might be overkill. But if you’re a false eyelash addict, or you love wearing lash extensions (like me!) and you’re planning on taking a break to strengthen and grow your natural ones, then I would strongly recommend this treatment, as it gave me a visible boost. The full results of the treatment can be seen after 16 weeks, but I was told that I would start to see real results as early as 6 weeks, which I did.

Before this treatment, I was starting to worry that using lash extensions regularly would damage my lashes for life. You hear people tell stories about being using extensions regularly and being left with weak eyelashes that never grew, or worse still, being left with sparse ones. From my personal experience, I think that if you go to the right salon, take breaks when you need to, and get some extra help from products like this eyelash activating serum, your lashes will be absolutely fine in the long run.

Again, you might think I’m totally bonkers getting so in-depth about eyelash care, but there are countless articles and blogposts about caring for hair that has regular hair extensions, or keeping your nails in shape when you’re an acrylic addict, but I haven’t seen that much online about lash extensions, so I wanted to add my two cents in, haha!


So, if you’re a lash girl like me, you’ll understand why I decided to work with M2 BEAUTÉ, and dedicate a whole post to this little magic treatment.

You’ll be happy to know I am scheduled in with my go-to beauty salon this week to get my lash extensions re-applied now that my break is over, and I feel so much happier in the knowledge that I can keep up my eyelash love affair for as long as I please, and come back to a product like this serum when they need that little extra lovin’ during my breaks.

Have any of you tried this serum before? I’d love to know what you thought, let me know in the comments below!

This post is in collaboration with M2 BEAUTÉ, but all words, photography, recommendations and product opinions are very much my own. Thanks for supporting! 


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