Kickin’ it at the ZOO!

Kickin’ it at the ZOO!
“Goin’ to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo,
How about you, you, you?…”

A little outfit post from my trip to the Zoo in Barcelona with the boy… chanting our Zoo song all the way, we were very excited indeed…
and can I just say, it was the best Zoo ever!
Ive been to a few different Zoos before and usually the animals are pretty docile and kinda boring, but something must have been in the water here (or maybe its the hotter climate?) cause all the animals were kickin’ off! Giraffes cantering around a peacock in their enclosure trying to squash him, Lamas making a go for my crisps, and dont even get me started on the monkeys, they were having a right aul’ party for themselves!
anyhow I thought the appropriate attire for a trip to the Zoo would be my brightest most kidddish threads, including my FAVOURITEST TEE SHIRT EVER, this cosmic print number from Asos, seriously it cheers me up just looking at it, the print is so luminous, you lie it flat and it looks like some sort of watercolour painting!
ps: I’m on twitter now, GET INVOLVED!
Wide Eyed Fire Child,

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  1. Anonymous
    June 14, 2011 / 23:39

    i have those shoes and headband 😀

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