My 5 Golden Rules for choosing an investment bag

My 5 Golden Rules for choosing an investment bag

I am by no means a designer-buying expert.

Far from it, actually. It’s only in the past year that I have decided to really and truly adopt the “Buy less, spend more” ethos, and since my major declutting journey, each and every big purchase has been carefully thought-out in the hopes of building a wardrobe I really love, and one that truly fits my both lifestyle and my personal style.


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Bomber: Missguided (I also have this one and this one) | Teeshirt: Missguided (I also have this one) | Jeans: here | Adidas Tubular runners: Littlewoods Ireland | Watch: Abott Lyon | Sunglasses: Tom Ford via | 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel in Taupe: Shopbop (shop the other mini Pashli styles here)


It can be tricky trying to navigate your way through the sea of designers, bag styles (and realistic budgets!) so here are some of my golden rules that I follow every time I make a purchase:


1: Work out your budget

There’s no point setting your sights on a €3,000 bag when you’re in your mid-twenties and are still funding yourself through college, or paying off those hefty student/car/holiday loans. Your budget for an investment bag should match your current lifestyle, and spending habits. Sure, you could survive on beans for a month and have no social life to afford that Chanel WOC, but is it really a wise option? There are so many great entry-level designer bags out there that are classic and timeless, and they won’t leave you completely broke for months to come. These all have a great cost-per-wear ratio and are a lot easier to justify splurging on.

Some of my favourites include:

Louis Vuitton Speedy | Alexander Wang “Rockie” duffle | 3.1 Phillip Lim “Pashli Satchel |


2: Think Long-Term

When you’re choosing your perfect bag, make sure to think long term. Don’t buy something unless you really think that you’re going to love it for a very long time, if not forever. Every season there is a coveted “it” bag, slewn under the arm of every blogger on instagram and celebrity at fashion week, and while they might seem very tempting, these bags can date easily, and are often replaced with a new one to covet each season. Avoid this happening by choosing classic styles from timeless designers, and you’ll ensure that your bag will look fresh season after season.


3: Keep it Neutral

When it comes to choosing colours for an investment bag, it’s always best to opt for shades of black, grey, brown, tan, and other neutral blends, which ensures your purchase will go with as much as possible in your wardrobe. Brighter colours and patters may seem very tempting, but they tend to clash with outfits more, and unless you’re ok with that, leave them for a high-street purchase, which typically cost a fraction of the price.


Shot by Yoseph on an Olympus Pen E-PL7 with a 75mm lens

(Read why I think it’s the ultimate blogging camera here)


4: Choose the right material

It’s no secret that our handbags get subjected to a lot of wear and tear, so if you’re investing in one to last you a long time, make damn well sure that it’s a sturdy material. Leather is usually a safe option, as it wears so well over time, and coated canvas (which is what the Louis Vuitton Speedy is made from) is also extremely durable and weatherproof. Porous leathers can stain and sag overtime, soft leathers can scratch,  whereas grained and textured leathers don’t show much wear at all, and are the most durable option.


5: Look for versatility

When it comes to an expensive purchase like a handbag, the more versatile a style you choose, the better! Choosing something with an adjustable length, with removable straps, that can be dressed up or down is a very wise choice. This also goes for styling options also. When choosing your bag, mentally arrange as many outfits in your wardrobe with it as possible, and the more you can wear it with, the better!


Why I chose the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel in Taupe:

  • It’s a classic bag style that has been around for almost a decade.

  • I mostly wear neutrals (and black) so the colour goes with everything in my wardrobe

  • The textured/coated leather won’t show up scuffs and scratches

  • The long strap is adjustable and removable

  • I also has top handle straps if I want to wear it with a dressier look

  • It has just enough space to fit my camera, wallet, extra lens, iPhone battery packs, and my Louis Vuitton organiser, with room to spare!!!

For more info on the price, customs, etc, watch the video below:

Do you agree with my golden rules? Are there any other specifics you take into mind when choosing that special bag for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping,



  1. May 28, 2016 / 12:19

    That bag is so cute! This look is so chic & put together yet simple 🙂 May I ask what settings you usually use to get his from the Olympus camera? The quality of these pictures is stunning! Just found your blog and YT channel last week and really like your content.

    Xx, Frida

  2. October 18, 2016 / 23:23

    Such great tips and such a great bag – it’s beautiful! Always loved Philip Lim bags!

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