Shop Spotlight: Choies

Shop Spotlight: Choies

Black tailored trousers | White tailored trousers | Pink two-piece suit | Clock clutch bag | Tropical print two-piece | Pink scuba fishtail skirt | Blue wide leg trousers | black asymmetric zip skirt

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Finding and sharing great new online shops is part of what I love most about blogging, especially when it can help fellow fashionistas-on-a-budget get their fix. As much as we like to treat ourselves now and again, we are all trying to get the best value we can from our online sprees, which is partially why I think online shopping has become so popular in the past few years. After seeing just how much great value there is to be had online, I have to admit, I’ve been finding it hard to part with my money in some high street shops of late, they are just too expensive!

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I have decided to start a new shopping series, where I will showcase online shops that I feel are worth knowing about, and ones that I myself have already (or soon will) purchase from.

So let’s kick things of with my first recommendation,! I had overlooked this website for some time for reasons unknown, but had   good long browse on it recently and I was so impressed. I ended up buying a few pieces, although I really could have gotten so much more than I allowed myself!

On first impressions, what I like about this website is that in many of the product descriptions of more popular items, they feature pictures of actual bloggers and customers wearing the pieces, instead of always just having flat shots against a white background. It’s always refreshing to see non-models wearing clothes that you yourself are thinking of buying, because let’s face it, we can’t all be 5’10” with legs for days. It’s also handy for a bit of style inspiration, which is always welcome.

One thing that can be frustrating about Asian websites like these however, is the sizing. They don’t always measure in UK or EU sizes, instead measuring in XS, S, M, L, and XL instead. This can be a little confusing at the beginning, but if you take into account that most Asian sizes run small, then you’re usually fine. I always make sure to go up at least one size in everything, in both clothing and in shoes, and them I’m usually fine.

Another small downside is the delivery time, which, like all other Asia-based online stores, can take two, even three weeks to deliver. Shipping is usually free though, which makes up for that. It also means no nasty customs charges, which as you all know, is the bane of every online shopper who’s casting her net outside of the EU.

The last and most important factor however, is the value for money. Choies is by far the best value for fast fashion I have found online, which is primarily why I had to share it with you all. Once you figure out you size (and factor in the shipping time) you’re getting some seriously great value for your hard-earned cash, and that, my dear readers, cannot be overlooked.

I myself bought the black asymmetric skirt, the black tailored trousers, and the pink fishtail skirt (all pictured above), which I cannot WAIT to play with! I also snapped up this breton striped tee, a basic style you can never have enough of. The whole haul cost me very little, and there was even an extra 15% off for new customers, which was pretty sweet! Upon further consideration, I think I just might have to go back for this gorgeous pink suit, and these fabulous blue wide-leg trousers

I’ll be sure to follow up on this Shop Spotlight by letting you know how I got on with my purchases, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing them feature in some Style Diaries soon! I hope you guys like this new Shop Spotlight idea, I’d love to know if anyone is buying anything, and what your top picks are!

Happy Shopping,

Ciara x

Note: *Just to clarify, this is not a sponsored post. Although I do use affiliate links from time to time, I was not paid by to write about them. I featured them because I genuinely think they are great value, and the pieces I have bought were paid for with my own money, not store credit.

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