Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove
Crochet Dress: Primark

a whole rail of vintage silk kimonos :O

Was pleasantly surprised at the Vintage selection in Barcelona, even more impressed than what I found on my last trip to London actually, the supposed Shangri-La of Vintage Threads…
They’re arent as many as there would be in London at all, but they’re pretty much all located in one small area, one street even, which is so much handier when you’re on foot!
But most importantly the selection was amazing, most of it seemed to be from the late 60’s,70’s era, which I find I am much more drawn to than any other…
My favourite shop was located in an old building that used to be a theater… With its huge wooden beams, creaky floors, and classical music blaring, I stared at all these wonderful costumes and dresses hanging from the walls… I got chatting to the owner about how wonderful they all were, and he brought me through this big old door in the back, flipped on a light switch, and I was amazed to see a huge (albeit very dusty) room filled with rows and rows of the most amazing old theatre costumes and elaborate pieces you could imagine!
It was quite the experience!
I bought two of the most beautiful vintage floor length gowns, and one sheer lace and silk slip, they are so beautiful and I will show them to you all in some outfit posts soon 🙂
(Unfortunately I have no photos of the theater shop, but they probably wouldn’t have done it justice anyways)
Wide Eyed Fire Child,


  1. June 8, 2011 / 15:32

    wowzers! cant wait to see the outfit posts hun!!
    im taking a trip over to barcelona maybe at the end of year to buy vintage for my new online vintage shop eeekkk all will be revealed in due course!!! i hope to source amazing peices and good prices! what kinda prices were they in barca hun? x

  2. June 8, 2011 / 17:34

    oh my god Sinead thats amazing news!!!!! The prices were very good in Barca, you’re talking about 20/30 for the better gowns (but I mean these are really nice pieces) and the other stuff is very reasonable aswell, you’d pay roughly 10 for a top, maybe 15 if its very fancy… to be honest I really did find Barca cheaper/nicer than the vintage in London, but maybe I wasnt looking hard enough 🙂 Anyhow would definitely recommend hitting Barca on the vintage hunt… Oh god so excited for you! 😀 xxxxx

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