Trend Report: Jumpsuits

Trend Report: Jumpsuits

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I’ve been having a love affair with jumpsuits recently, and have been wearing one almost every time I go out. The reasons for this being: a) they are extremely comfortable and b) they are SO much fun to dance in! They’re also a rather lazy outfit option if you think about it. You don’t need to worry about separates, you just need a pair of heels and a purse and away you go. You may remember the gorgeous monochrome jumpsuit  from iClothing I featured in one of my recent Style Diaries (read here) and I’ve added a few more styles to my wardrobe since then.

I always look out for styles with interesting necklines, great tailoring, or pockets, which is always a bonus. I think they look effortlessly chic, and I honestly don’t know how I’ve only started wearing them now. I’ve been mostly wearing them for dressy or going-out looks, but I am determined to work jumpsuits into my daywear also, so you should be seeing them feature in a few more Style Diaries on the blog soon!

I’m currently on the hunt for a fabulous wide-legged pair such as this simple black one and this blue backless one, but I’m also really loving this satin military style and this leatherette pairfor AW of course! Ah, there are just so many to choose from! I have chosen some of my favourites available online at the moment and linked them in the handy little widget below for you to browse and shop.

So, which one is your favourite? I’ll take one of each please 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Ciara x




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