Autumnal Longings

Autumnal Longings

Hey Folks! Im doing my darnedest get over what I like to call the “Picnic-Absentee-Blues”, an ailment which Im sure most of you reading this post at this particular time will be similarly afflicted by.

I thought a fantastic distraction would be to compile a nice little Autumn/Winter wishlist for myself. Like many of you, I have been left pretty disenchanted with our excuse for a summer, gave upon the ol’ girl around July, and I await the new season with baited breath. And now that she is descending upon is with all her wet & wintery glory, pelting down on the skylight above my head as I write…. It looks like were going to have some rainy days ahead.
My wishlist for this coming season shall be practical, but without the boredom that comes with practicality.
 This Season, I promise to keep you high and dry, but above all, looking fly.
With that thought, I present to you a survival manual of sorts.
Here are my tips, tricks and tactics for Autumn dressing, which of course, I have planned with military precision.
1. Fedora Hats.
Particularly of the masculine, wide brimmed nature. Think Rumi Neely of FashionToast, or Rosie Huntington-Whitley. With your trusty fedora, you can nail the current androgyny trend and  keep your head and shoulders dry. Check out the Asos menswear section for some nice finds. I stole mine of The Boy, shhhhh
2. Aran Sweaters.
A chunky cable-knit sweater is one of the main ingredients in my “warm&dry” Autumn Wish list. My recommendation would be to avoid the over priced versions on the high street and go straight to the main source, the Woolen Clothing shops that can be found in any Irish city. Here in these touristy haunts you’ll find a better cable knit than any Topshop or River Island. These handmade Aran sweaters are amazing quality, and the price is usually very reasonable. I have my eye on one in forest green or dark grey.
3. Maxi Skirts.
Don’t cast away your summer maxi, there’s life within her yet! Perfect for keeping your little leggeens warm and dry this A/W, pair with your fantabulous new Aran Knit, throw on a skinny belt and you’re ready to brave the seasons! Maxi skirts are comfy, versatile, wonderfully elegant, and, if paired with tights, warm as hell! No one need know your wearing your thickest of thermals underneath…
4. Leather.
Gloves, skirts, dresses, jackets, pants. Whatever your garment of choice may be, if you choose leather, it’ll keep you as feeling just as hot as you will look wearing it. My pick for this season: leather pants. Think Ross from friends, only completely different in every way.
Stay Warm, kids.

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