AW Coat Edit: The Duster Coat

AW Coat Edit: The Duster Coat

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Next up in my AW Coat series is a style that I personally am very excited about, the duster coat! It sort of feels like the duster style came out of nowhere, as don’t remember seeing very much of them last season, and now they seem to be incredibly popular this Autum! If you’re unsure of what exactly defines a duster coat, then let me explain. The duster coat is a light, loose-fitting coat, which is usually a longer length. They are very similar to trench coats, but seem to be lighter material and looser shape, which gives them that nice flowing effect when you walk. I love a bit of drama in a Winter coat!

Made popular by super-bloggers (and Kylie Jenner) the Duster appears to be the newest trend in outerwear. I am a sucker for oversized and long shillouettes, as I think you can play with them to create a really unique, dramatic look. The only downside to the duster coat appears to be it’s lightness, which might not be enough to keep us warm and cosy in the winter months. But hey, that’s what layering is for, people! Simply slap on a gilet or fur stole, and you’ll be toasty in no time!

My favourite style has to be this powder blue style from ASOS, (á la miss Jenner) but I also really like this sleeveless version from Missguided, which also comes in tan, and is fantastic value for money. You can shop the rest of my duster coat picks in the handy widget below, and don’t forget to check out my other AW Coat Edit series if you haven’t already here and here!

Hoping you all have a great weekend!

Happy Shopping!

Ciara x

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