Electric Picnic 2012 ~ Photo Diary!

Electric Picnic 2012 ~ Photo Diary!
Hey guys! So as you all know Im back from Electric Picnic in one piece, and what a weekend it was! I had such an amazing time, the lovely people at Alpro took such good care of me. I saw some amazing acts, got to hang out with some bands, and partied my but off, of course 😀
While Im getting all my footage ready into videos for you guys, I thought I’d make a little photo diary for you all, using some of the shots I took for my Instagram. (click here to follow me)
Yos being cute under the Wishing Tree

Bindis and Bodypaint for the night ahead 😀

My picnic nails! Nail stickers from Penneys, that lasted all weekend! JOB


Outfit for Day 1: Camo, Snapbacks and a Band Tee!



Outfit for Day 2: Distressed shorts, Band Tee and Hoodie!
(Outside the Alpro Stand, they took great care of me!)
Outfit for Day 3! Sequins, Bindis and Black 🙂


The ferris wheel – so pretty!
 … and some more photos of general messing about 🙂
Hope you guys like! Stay tuned for some videos coming up in the next few days 🙂
Wild Child,

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