Pretty Polly Competition Announcement!

Pretty Polly Competition Announcement!
Well Guys, I’m finally able to share with you my exciting news!
Well, I kinda sorta WON!

Its completely crazy I know, I had to keep it under wraps until the official announcement was made by Pretty Polly.
But now that the lid’s been lifted, I can finally share with you guys my story:
A few months ago, the popular tights company Pretty Polly launched a campaign called  “Legs Eleven” to find an ambassador for their brand for the coming year. They wanted someone who not only had a great pair of legs, but a great personality, and who they could work in conjunction with to successfully promote their brand. Open to the whole of the Uk and Ireland, the competition began on facebook, where all the hopefuls uploaded their best “leggy” photo, and with the public voting on their favourites.
I found out about the competition through a friend who sent me the link saying she thought I’d be perfect for it. Flattered, I uploaded my best leggy photo, never once thinking I would get to where I did! I was pretty overwhelmed with the response and support I got, and was absolutely delighted when I realised I was in the top 11!
The top eleven girls were invited to the final judging day in London in August, and what a day it was! The final was held in a famous london photographers studio apartment, everything was so luxurious and downright fancy, I had never seen anything like it! After getting acquainted with each other, we had our hair and makeup done by professionals, and each had our own photoshoots in a pair of Pretty Polly tights of our choice, and then anther shoot all together in the popular Henry Holland suspender tights. Doug, the cameraman was on hand all day to capture the all the action, not to mention all the giggles and fun between the finalists, as we were all having the absolute craic together!
After the photo shoots, we had our interviews with the Judges, who honestly couldn’t have been nicer. On the panel were industry experts from Lenis modeling agency, pretty polly glamour magazine, and celebrity designer Henry Holland! They we’re very relaxed and friendly, and I chatted to them about my love for fashion, writing, journalism, blogging, the world of media, and how much I would love to work with them. They couldn’t have been more friendly and relaxed, and even laughed at some of the stupid jokes I cracked! From the second I walked in the door of the studio I was so excited that I completey forgot to be nervous, which I think is what might have helped me so much. Nothing excites me more than new experiences and meeting new people, so the nerves sort of melt away in those situations, thankfully!
When I was announced as the winner I was shocked, and as the judges and other contestants congratulations and applause washed over me, I just kept thinking “really?!”, It was only when my sister Claire ran over to me whooping and hollering that I snapped out of it, and began to realize what was in store for me…
The prizes I won are amazing. Along with River Island vouchers galore, I am now signed to the london-based Lein’s Modeling Agency, not to mention having all the Pretty Polly tights a girl could wish for! Being chosen as the ambassador for Pretty Polly means having a whole set of doors open to me, and I plan to relish each and every opportunity as it comes. I will be working very closely with the company for the next year, doing a mixture of writing, blogging, modeling, and other ambassador duties.Some details Im afraid I can’t divulge just yet, but I can assure you there is excitement and adventure around the corner!
I feel so humbled by the support that I received throughout this competition, without It, I never would have gotten this far, and I’d like to say the BIGGEST thank you to all who voted.
Serious love for all you guys 🙂 
 I also feel very proud that an Irish girl is now representing a huge UK based company such as Pretty Polly. Funnily enough, the west of Ireland was well represented in the  competition, with another Galway girl Nicole in the final, who the judges absolutely loved. 
Talk about Irish charm!
I have no idea just where this Ambassadorship will take me, but I know ill be ready for whatever comes around the corner. I would love of this gave me an opportunity to work in the Irish Media, whether its writing behind the scenes and covering events, or in front of the camera, I love being in the thick of all the action. But whatever happens, I plan to work hard, stay focused, and most importantly, enjoy every minute!
Thank you again to everyone for their support, and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated (bombarded more like) with what ambassador-ly duties I’ll be getting up to!
and check out Pretty Polly’s facebook page to keep up with all the action! 
Here’s a few photos from day, hope you like!
The lovely Judges!

Here’s a video from the day if you wanna take a look, oh and feel free to laugh at my ridiculous expression when they announce the winner…

Roll on the Goodtimes!

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