Pretty Polly Press

Pretty Polly Press

Hi Guys! Sorry for the lack of posting in the past few days, its been pretty crazy. Now that the Pretty Polly story has been released by the company, I’ve been having a good few interviews. I must say the whole interviewing experience is very surreal a little bit daunting at first, (what the heck do I say?!??!?!) but I must say Im rather enjoying it now. And then there’s how hilarious it is seeing your mug in a paper or magazine, they’ll print anything these days I tell ya! My family are flipping out, especially my parents, they’re very proud, which of course makes me so happy.  I’m also delighted that my blog and my journalistic aspirations are being mentioned in pretty much every piece of press, and for that I am so grateful to the Pretty Polly PR team, they really are helping to push me in the direction I want to go.

Here is some of the press so far, check out the ridiculous puns, hilarious!
U magazine, Connaught Tribune, Irish Times Saturday Magazine, and the Galway City Tribune….  Should make some interesting material for the scrapbook, no? 🙂

Sorry for the terrible quality, scanners acting the maggot! I’ll have them scanned and put up on the soon-to-be “Press” tab on the top of my blog, you’ll hopefully be able to read them properly there!

And now for an outfit post, along with some completely ridiculous photos I’ve been wanting to show you for ages.
Myself and my wonderful buddy Saibh did a lot of whooping and hollering (and even some cartwheeling) when I returned home after the competition. Here are the results!


I’m feeling so grateful/happy/excited/scared silly at the moment, but I know I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without the support of my wonderful friends and family, and of course, you my readers.
Your support means more to me than I can put into words, and I only hope I can keep you coming back again and again,

Wild Child,

All photographs by Saibh Egan Photography

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