You may have spotted on my Instagram and snapchat (ciaraodoherty) that I have given my bedroom and home office a little makeover for Spring, and that includes doing some fun and inexpensive DIY projects! I wanted to share this DIY copper rose gold desk lamp IKEA hack with you as it’s so easy to re-create, and doesn’t cost much:

 Watch the video:


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  1. Lex MG
    July 17, 2016 / 12:43

    i actually have THREE of those lamps. a black one in the hallway. a silver one near the kitchen window/table. and a burgundy one atop my short fridge. why am i telling you this ? i’m not planning to change any of their colours. does this comment benefit anyone in any way ? probably not. i’m sorry, i’ll try to be more constructive with my comments. sorry for wasting your time. sometimes one just feels like sharing, ya know ? yeah, you know. even if it’s tiny details like that. lol maybe i should start an instagram account and take pictures of things around me. hmm no, probably not.

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